Repayment options

Q Card has flexible repayment options to suit your needs. As long as you cover the monthly minimum repayment amount, it’s up to you how much and how frequent you make payments to your Q Card.

What is the minimum repayment amount?

As long as you pay the minimum monthly amount each month, how much you pay in addition is up to you. The minimum payment required will depend on the amount you owe and the plan you have entered into. This could be worked out as 3% or $10 (whichever is greater) of the outstanding account balance for Flexi Payment Plans or set amounts for Fixed Instalment Plans.

If you only make the minimum payment each month you will pay more interest and it will take you longer to pay off your balance. Visit to calculate how you can pay off your balance faster and pay less in interest.

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Direct debit

Setting up a direct debit is simple and can make your payments hassle-free. We ensure your payment is made on the due date – If you have nothing left to pay, we won’t take any money out.

When setting up a direct debit, you select the amount to pay:

  • Minimum Payment – this amount appears on your monthly statement.
  • Fixed Payment – pay the same amount as often as you like, a good option if you are on a Fixed Instalment Plan.
  • Closing Balance – guaranteed to keep you interest free, pay off your Q Card every payment due date.
  • All you need is your bank account and Q card account number to set up a direct debit:
  • Download the form the form and email your completed copy to [email protected]
  • Over the phone – call us on 0800 117 000

Post your completed form to:
Q Card Customer Service Centre,
Consumer Finance Ltd,
Private Bag 94013,
Auckland 224

Automatic payments

Schedule a regular payment to Q Card – a good option for Fixed Instalment Plans.

Set up an automatic payment using internet banking and the payment details below, or download and complete this form and take it to your bank.

If you have any issues setting up the automatic payment, get in touch with your bank for assistance.

Tip: If you have nothing left to pay, ensure you cancel or pause future payments.

Pay as you go

You can make a payment online at any time. Simply reference the payment details below.

Alternatively, you can pay over the counter at your local ANZ branch (IMPORTANT: ensure you use the last 12 digits of your Q Card number to reference the payment otherwise we will be unable to allocate the payment to your account).

Please note that we no longer accept payment via cheque. We have continued to accept cheque for as long as possible. However, from 31 May 2021 our banking partner will stop processing cheques. This means it is no longer possible for us to accept cheques for payments on your Q Card.

Payment Details

For internet banking, we recommend using the list of payees registered with your bank. Save us on your payee list to make future payments easier.
We are registered as: Q CARD (CONSUMER FINANCE LIMITED).

Can’t find the registered payee, or paying by other means? Our account details are:
Bank: ANZ
Bank Account Number: 01-1839-0927201-00
Account name: Consumer Finance Limited

Make sure payments always get to your account by using the correct reference information.

Particulars: Surname & initials
Code: 6015
Reference: The last 12 digits of your Q Card number, found on the front of your card.


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