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Access your account anytime, anywhere with Q Mastercard app. We have introduced new, easy-to-use features that make managing your account even more convenient.

Q Mastercard app displaying available credit and current balance

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Explore your account on the go and keep tabs on available credit in real time – what you can spend right now, credit limit and account balance, minimum payments due and owing, activate your card instantly, get quick balance upfront, download and view statements and get your new card details with card reveal feature.

Mobile phone displaying Q Mastercard credit card activation in App
Q Mastercard
Q Card

Card Activation

Activate a new card and set your own personal card PIN directly in the Q Card and Q Mastercard App with just a few simple steps.

Q Mastercard
Q Card

Download & View Statement

You’ll also have access to 6 months’ worth of statements, which you can download directly from the home screen of Q Card and Q Mastercard App.

Mobile phone displaying latest statement in Q Mastercard App
Mobile phone displaying quick balance in Q Mastercard App
Q Mastercard only

Access Quick Balance on Q Mastercard App

Quick Balance is a great feature that lets you quickly check your balance from the login page on the Q Mastercard app. Simply enable Quick Balance from the Account menu and it’ll be displayed straight on the login page.

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Card Reveal on Q Mastercard App

Once Q Mastercard app is activated, you’ll have access to all of your Q Mastercard details at the swipe of your fingertips, making online shopping quick and convenient.

Mobile phone displaying available credit and balance in Q Mastercard App

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