Get more breathing space with Q PLAN

Here’s a new feature from Q that gives you even more flexibility managing your expenses.

While Q Mastercard is the perfect shopping companion for everyday purchases, sometimes we need a little extra help for those unexpected bills and expenses. That’s where Q PLAN comes in.

Now you can convert eligible Q Mastercard Standard Purchases of $250 or more* into a payment plan and pay instalments over time at a lower interest rate than the Q Mastercard Standard Interest Rate (currently 28.50% p.a.).

Q PLAN means you don’t have to wait to get the things you want or hold off sorting necessary expenses, with the added benefit of extra breathing space to pay.

Time’s on your side with Q PLAN

You have the option of choosing Q PLAN within 30 days of your $250+^ purchase and spreading the payments over:

It’s so easy to set up



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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Q PLAN?

    Q PLAN is a feature of Q Mastercard that allows you to enjoy a longer period to pay for those bigger purchases. It lets you convert purchases of $250 or more into a Fixed Instalment plan over 9, 12 or 15 months, with a much lower interest rate than for expired Standard Purchases.

  • Are there any fees or interest charges for using Q PLAN?

    There are no fees for setting up a Q PLAN, however there are interest charges. The interest differs depending on the plan you choose, and forms part of the Instalment amount each month. You are shown the total interest amount at the time you convert the purchase. The instalment interest amount is also reflected on your monthly statement

    12.50% p.a. on 9 months plan

    13.00% p.a. on 12 months plan

    13.50% p.a. on 15 months plan

  • How do I create a Q PLAN?

    You will be shown the “swipe to convert to Q PLAN” option underneath your purchase within the Transaction list on your mobile app or My Account.

    Once you swipe and click/tap on the convert to QPLAN option you will be shown the 3 choices, including the total interest and monthly instalment amount. Once you choose and agree to the Terms and Conditions your purchase will be converted.

    You will then be charged the monthly instalment amount along with any other minimum amount due. You can see these totals on your statement each month.

  • How do I pay my Q PLAN instalments?

    You pay your Q PLAN instalments in the same way you make other payments to your account. Instalment amounts will form part of the amount due each month.

Things you should know

^Q PLAN is a Fixed Instalment option available for selection for 30 days from date of eligible transaction. Under a Q PLAN, you can convert Standard Purchases with $250 or more outstanding (including under a Q Promotion) and repay in equal monthly Instalments at a fixed interest rate of 12.5% p.a. (9 months), 13% p.a. (12 months) or 13.5% p.a. (15 months) (“Q PLAN Interest Rate” (“Q PLAN Term”)). Instalments calculated by taking Purchase amount that is the subject of the Q PLAN, together with interest calculated at the applicable Q PLAN Interest Rate and dividing that amount over the Q PLAN Term. Minimum Payment due will increase as Instalment is added to Minimum Payment due each month. By converting, you waive any Payment Holiday/interest free period applying to your purchase (including under a Q Promotion). This may mean the amount of interest you pay under a Q PLAN is greater than if you had not converted. Long Term Finance transactions, Cash Advances & Balance Transfers are excluded from conversion. Transactions converted to a Q PLAN cannot make up 80% or more of your available credit limit. If you fail to pay all or part of an Instalment, that amount will be overdue and will become part of the Closing Balance of your Account and interest will be calculated and debited to your Account on that overdue amount at the Standard Interest Rate applying to your Account (currently 28.50% p.a.).

Click here to see the full Q PLAN Terms and Conditions.