Become a merchant partner

Offer Long Term Finance options to your customers

Offering Long Term Finance options with Q Card and Q Mastercard as a payment method is a fantastic way of letting your customers buy what they want from your store with a bit of extra ‘breathing space’ to pay for it.

Man paying via EFTPOS using his mobile phone

Provide Long Term Finance in-store

If you're looking to offer long term finance solutions (e.g. 6, 12 or 18 months interest free), complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch within 5 business days to talk you through what this involves.

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Provide Long Term Finance online

If you require longer term finance online, we have our own gateway service that enables flexible long term finance for Cardholders on your site. It’s perfect for our Cardholders to purchase larger ticket items on your website. We will look to cater a finance solution to fit your business.

Become a merchant partner with Q Card

Q Card is a finance card that gives Q Cardholders a minimum of 3 months no payments and no interest when they use their Card for in-store and online purchases with no minimum spend.
Q Card Online

Q Card Online

By accepting Q Card on your website as a payment method, you are opening your web business to an active card base of New Zealanders who have a bit of extra “breathing space” to pay for your product or service with their Q Card.

Once enabled for Q Card we would be happy to profile your business via our many marketing channels including eDM, Facebook and our own website. Our savvy cardholders are always on the lookout for deals with new Q Card retailers so we would love to help promote your exclusive offers.

Q Eftpos

Q Eftpos

It's easy - with 'Q Eftpos', the customer swipes their Q Card through your EFTPOS terminal and enters their PIN (or signs) or it can be used online to pay for their purchase on your website - just like any other credit card. Then, we pay you within two business days.

Enquire to become Q Card merchant partner today

It’s easy to join Q Card as a merchant. Complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch within five business days.

Please have the following available:

  • Sole Trader, Partner or Director(s) personal information
    Partnerships, information is required for both partners; and where there is more than one director, a minimum of two required
  • A Business Bank Statement
    For Verification please provide a copy of a business bank statement showing: Legal Entity name, Bank Account number and issue date no older than 3 months
  • ID Details (NZ Driver Licence or Passport Number)
    Note: If ID is a foreign passport a certified copy must be received
  • EFTPOS Terminal ID
    Terminal ID will be 8-10 digits and can be obtained from any receipt printed by the terminal.
    If unsure, please provide a copy of a receipt for verification