Whenever you finance a purchase under a fixed or flexi payment plan, you can protect yourself with FUTUREcare.

Goods cover

In the event of the accidental loss, damage, destruction or theft of your purchase, we will either repair or replace the goods, or pay the replacement value of the goods to your Q Card as a credit provided this amount does not exceed the original cash price of the goods. The excess is only $50, which makes Goods Cover an attractive option compared to most contents insurance policies and the loss of your no claims bonus.

Terms and conditions apply. See below to view policy wording.

Payment protection

With FUTUREcare your repayments are protected in the event of:

  • Death and Terminal Illness: Receive your outstanding plan balance as one lump sum
  • Bankruptcy: Receive three times your monthly instalment amount due in one lump sum
  • Disability for longer than 30 Days: Receive your monthly instalment amount due
  • Redundancy for longer than 30 consecutive days: Receive your monthly instalment amount due up to a maximum of 180 days

For full terms and conditions please view the policy. For more information call 0800 855 333.

Please Note: FutureCare Insurance policies are no longer being sold or existing policies renewed.

If you hold an existing FutureCare Insurance policy it will continue on its terms until expiry and will not be renewed.

If you are an existing Repayment Insurance policyholder you can relax knowing that your entire Q Card Closing Balance could be covered if you or your partner can’t work due to an accident, illness or redundancy.

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