How to read your Q Card Statement

A: Your Q Card Number - use this number for easy reference when talking to our Customer Service team or when making payments.

B: Your Q Card Credit Limit - total credit you have been approved for.

C: Your Available Credit - how much credit you have remaining to spend on your card (as at the date of your statement).

D: Total Q Card Balance - the total amount owing on your account.

E: Payments Received - payments we have received during this statement period.

F: Due Date - date your payment is due.

G: Minimum Payment Due - the minimum amount due for payment. Pay before due date to avoid any default fees.

H: Remittance Section - Include this with payments at any BNZ Bank.

I: Q EFTPOS - a Flexi Payment Plan initiated through an EFTPOS terminal.

J: Interest Free Expiry - the date your interest free period expires. This is only displayed for purchases made within the statement period.

K: Current Months Interest - interest charged to your account since your last statement.

L: Closing Balance - the amount owing under each Plan.

M: Voucher Number - your reference number for this purchase.

N: Interest Rate - current interest rate for a particular plan.

O: Fees and Misc. Plan - shows fees charged or small balance transferred during this statement period.

P: Totals - shows total opening and closing balances of all plans (at the time of this statement).

Q: Flexi Payment Plan - is an advance we make to you with a payment holiday and/or period during which an interest rate other than the Standard Interest Rate is charged.

R: Fixed Instalment Plan - is an advance we make to you which is repaid by fixed, monthly instalments.

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Please select the Q Card you have

Don’t have a Q Card? Apply Today