Lighten the load with Q Mastercard

This time of year, is the perfect time to review your personal finances to ensure you’re fighting fit – financially. 
That’s where a balance transfer can be really beneficial.

For a limited time we’re offering 1.99% p.a. interest for 12 months on eligible balances transferred+ to a Q Mastercard.

Complete your Q Mastercard application online using promo code BALANCETRANSFER by 14 April 2024.

Benefits of a Q Mastercard balance transfer

What does that mean?

A balance transfer is where you can transfer an outstanding balance from another eligible credit card to your Q Mastercard account to pay a low interest rate.

The Q Mastercard balance transfer offer+ is designed to help pay less interest over 12 months so that you can work towards paying off the balance owing sooner. You can transfer from up to 5 credit cards, making it easy to consolidate and manage debt.

With a Q Mastercard balance transfer, you can transfer an amount up to your available Q Mastercard credit limit.

The balance transfer interest rate of 1.99% p.a. for 12 months only applies to the balance transferred+.

The Balance Transfer Process

Apply online

Use promo code BALANCETRANSFER on the first page of your application.
You must complete and submit your application before 14 April 2024 to be eligible for a balance transfer+.

Approved for Q

If your application is approved, you will receive an email to get started on a balance transfer.
This will also be available on your My Account online.

Start your Balance Transfer

Get started on your transfer by filling in all your transfer details.
Once completed submit the request and we will take care of the rest!


Processing the Balance Transfer request can take up to 5 business days after we receive your request.
Keep an eye on your Q Mastercard App to see when the balance transfer has been completed.

Balance transferred

Once you have completed the balance transfer you will receive a confirmation email from Q Mastercard
The promotional interest rate of 1.99% p.a. will apply to your transferred balance for 12 months+ from the date it was transferred.

Close your other cards

Reach out to your bank or credit card issuer to settle any remaining balance and close your other cards. We are unable to do this for you.
Remember to check that all direct credits or debits have been stopped or moved to another payment option

How do I pay off my balance transfer?

Repayments are allocated based on card use and will be allocated towards the highest interest bearing balances first.

We apply repayments on your account in accordance with the Q Mastercard terms and conditions.

Things you should know:

  • Whilst there is no fee to do a balance transfer, as a new customer there is a $50 annual Account Fee^.
  • The promo code BALANCETRANSFER must be entered on the first page of the application.
  • Minimum monthly payments of 3% of the monthly closing balance owing are required.
  • There is a minimum balance transfer amount of $500 per card.
  • You can transfer from up to 5 different credit card providers. Some credit cards that are excluded, see terms and conditions below.
  • The maximum balance transfer amount is your approved available credit limit on your Q Mastercard account.
  • The balance transfer interest rate of 1.99% p.a. is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.
  • At the end of the balance transfer promotional period, the Q Mastercard interest rate of 28.50% p.a. applies to any remaining balance.
  • $55 Establishment Fee applies to your first Long Term Finance (LTF) transaction, $35 Advance Fee applies to subsequent LTF transactions.

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Terms and conditions

^Lending criteria, $50 annual Account Fee, fees, T&Cs apply. Zero interest, zero payments for three months available on all Q Mastercard Standard Purchases (excludes Long Term Finance and Cash Advances). Standard Interest Rate, currently 28.50% p.a., applies to outstanding balance at end of interest free period. Other interest rates and fees may apply and are subject to change, see for full details. $55 Establishment Fee applies to your first Long Term Finance (LTF) transaction, $35 Advance Fee applies to subsequent LTF transactions.

*1.99% p.a. interest for 12 months balance transfer terms and conditions apply.

  1. 1.99% p.a. interest for 12 months (‘Balance Transfer Promotional Period’) balance transfer (‘Offer’) is available for new approved customers, from Q Mastercard applications submitted from 14 March 2024 12:00am to 14 April 2024 11:59pm New Zealand local time (inclusive) (“Offer Period”). Applications received outside the Offer Period will be ineligible.   
  2. Promotional rate not available in conjunction with any other promotion. 
  3. To be eligible to redeem this Offer you must use promo code BALANCETRANSFER on the first page of your application.
  4. Cards issued by our related entities (Farmers Mastercard, Farmers Finance Card, Q Card and Flight Centre Mastercard) are excluded and are not eligible to have their balances transferred.
  5. Eligible approved customers for the Offer will be able to transfer up to 5 eligible credit card balances over to their new Q Mastercard Account. The total amount transferred across all cards can be up to your available credit limit on a Q Mastercard account. 
  6. For a credit card to be eligible to have its balance transferred in accordance with this Offer, you must be transferring funds from a New Zealand issued personal credit or store card and must have a minimum transferred balance of $500 per card being transferred. 
  7. The Balance Transfer must be submitted via the Q Mastercard online portal within 45 days from the day the application is approved and opened. You will initiate the balance transfer through your customer “My Account” dashboard. You must agree to the Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions displayed in the portal. 1.99% p.a. interest for 12 months (Balance Transfer Interest Period) will apply to the transferred amount. Standard Interest Rate, currently 28.50% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of the Balance Transfer Interest Period. 
  8. There is a limit of one balance transfer application per customer. Balance transfers may take up to 5 business days to complete.
  9. Minimum monthly payments of 3% of the monthly closing balance on your statement are required. 
  10. Q Mastercard will allocate payments in relation to your balance transfer in accordance with the Q Mastercard terms and conditions. We will allocate payments received from you to pay off the portion of your balance attracting the highest interest rate first and subsequently to portions of your balance attracting lower interest rates. This may mean applying any and all payments made to your Q Mastercard account to pay off other transactions such as, instalment plans, purchases, and cash advances before any balance transfer amount. 
  11. Q Mastercard may decline any balance transfer request, including but not limited to, where your Q Mastercard account is in arrears, in dispute or over-the-limit. Q Mastercard terms and conditions apply (as applicable).
  12. You may want to consider getting independent financial advice as to whether a balance transfer is appropriate for you.
  13. Credit provided by Columbus Financial Services Limited.